Various Urgent Cares for Kids: First Aid for Kids

Rather than adults, kids are prone to get some diseases such as cold, fever, or allergy. Kids’ body and immune system have not been well-developed. Therefore, many viruses, bacteria, and symptom of disease can easily affect kids. For instance, kids sometimes can get itchy rashes, stomach aches, runny noses, and others. Sometimes, kids can relieve from those ailments soon. On the other hand, those ailments can lead to more serious diseases. If one of these cases happens in your circumstance, you should be able to take urgent care for kids.

Urgent Care for Fever

Barton Schmitt, MD, a pediatrician from Children’s Hospital in Aurora, argues that every parent should call the doctor as soon as their kids look weak. Their kids will get a proper treatment such as ER soon. Thus, kids will be safe. Here are some symptoms that should get important care for kids as soon as possible. The first is kids who are older than one year old and get high fever. Parent should give kids who get a fever with 100.4 F, give ibuprofen or acetaminophen to relieve the fever. If the condition is not getting better, the parents should call the doctor immediately.

Let’s learn more about fever to decide the best necessary care for kids. Fever can be caused by several conditions such as heat stroke, illicit drugs and medications side effect, and stroke. Hypothalamus, a part of human’s brain that controls the body temperature; reset the temperature of body to the higher temperature. The other causes are common infections like gastroenteritis and colds. Those symptoms include infection in kidney, throat, skin, ear, bladder, and lung; inflammation, drug side effect, vaccines and cancer.

The symptoms include fussiness, lethargy, sore throat, poor appetite, ear pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and cough. If the fever is worse, it can lead to hyperthermia. It is a serious condition when the body cannot control the body temperature. Call the doctor as important care for kids if kids look very sick, very fussy, and drowsy. If the immune system is weakened or kids have some medical problem, call the doctor soon. Seizure, stiff neck and rash are signs to call the doctor soon.

Urgent Care for Headache

Kids can also get headache easier than adults because of the weather, weak immune system, or food. However, parents should be able to differentiate minor headache and major headache. Kids can relieve from minor headache soon as they take the pain relievers and rest well. On contrary, kids can get major headache if the pain stays for hours and it can be awful. The kids cannot enjoy eating, playing, or watching television. If the first aid cannot work, calling pediatrician can be a helpful necessary care for kids.

Urgent Care for Allergy

Allergy and kids seem close. Kids may have allergies to food, animal, or certain conditions like cold or heat. The symptoms of allergies are difficult wheezing or breathing, tight throats, speaking trouble or hoarseness, swollen throat, tongue, and lips, vomiting, pain in abdomen, nausea, fast heart pulls, dizziness, anxiety, unconsciousness, and severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis. As the important care for kids, always prepare epinephrine injection kits as the first aid.

Allergy is also divided into some different rate. If your kids have mild allergy symptoms like hives and hay fever, you can give an over-the-counter or OTC antihistamine. OTC decongestant can be helpful to relieve stuffy nose. OTC allergy eye drops can overcome watery and itchy eyes. If your kids get rash with itchy allergic senses, give them cold compresses. Add an OTC hydrocortisone cream to cure the pain. If the symptoms are worsening, call the doctor as urgent care for kids.…