Treat Your Kids’ Teeth with Kids Dental Care

Kids may never realize how important caring their tooth is. They tend to eat everything they like without considering food they should eat and ones they should not eat. Later, if they eat too much candies or chocolate, they get toothache that they cry for. Therefore, parents should accompany and advise their kids about Kids dental care. So, kids can start to consider which food they may take and which one they should not take.

Kids Dental Care

Dental Care for Babies

Kids’ start to have their first teeth before they are one year old. Thus, Children dental care can be started from kids’ first birthday. Ask your kids to see a dentist by their birth day. It can be a preventive step that you can ensure that your kids will have good teeth. Moreover, the cost for Children dental care is much cheaper than for toddlers over 5 years old; it is about 40% lower. Besides seeing the dentist, you can also teach your kids some good daily habits relating to dental health. For instance, you can start by brushing their gums when their teeth have not grown. A soft washcloth and a baby toothbrush will be much helpful.

As the teeth are appearing, you can teach them to learn brushing their teeth with fluoridated toothpaste and toothbrush for infant. Do it twice a day. You can also learn the schedule and technique from the dentist. If your kids have brushed their teeth before bedtime, ask them not to eat any food or drink anything except water. If it is necessary, adding mouthwash can be a useful part of Children dental care.

Choosing Toothbrush for Kids

Toothbrush is an essential part of dental caring tips for kids. As it has been mentioned previously, toothbrush for kids will be much different to the adults’. Therefore, we should be very careful in picking toothbrush for kids. For kids whose teeth have been popped out, pick a soft toothbrush with small head and large handle. Use merely a toothbrush before your kids are 3 years old. When they are getting 3 years old, you can add pea-sized fluoride toothpaste. Use it to brush the whole part of your kids’ teeth; back and front. As they grow older, they can brush their teeth themselves. It is usually when they are 6 years old.

Treatment for Teething

Babies will have a period when their teeth are starting growing. It is known as “teething”. This period is very uncomfortable for babies that make them cry and fuss. There are also some teething symptoms include: swollen gums, drooling, and higher temperature. There are some Children dental cares you can do to relieve your kids’ teething pain. You can have teething rings. It can be teething ring or you can replace it with washcloth. Make sure that they are cool. Let your babies chew it.

You can also do gum rubbing as dental caring tips for kids. Use your clean finger to rub their gums. Adding a topical pain reliever can be a good solution as well. The pain reliever should not contain benzocaine because it can threaten baby’s life. Instead, you can give Tylenol or acetaminophen for your baby. You should avoid aspirin because it is linked with Reye’s syndrome; a serious health condition which is rarely found. Ask a pediatrician for more help.

Cavities become serious problems for baby. It can endanger baby’s teeth. However, it can be prevented by filling the baby’s bottle only with water, breast milk, or formula. Sugary drinks like soda and fruit juices. The sweet drink can settle on the babies’ teeth that lead to “baby bottle tooth decay”. Later, the bacteria can produce acid that attacks your baby’s teeth. Be wise in giving drinks for your kids for Kids dental care.…