Are Dispensaries Safe? Why I Was Scared at First but Had a Great Experience

If you’re anything like me, then you are extremely intrigued by all the states that are legalizing weed. Since I was a bit of a straight edge growing up, I was never adventurous enough (scared) to try smoking when most of my friends went through their weed phase. But now decriminalizing weed seems to be the popular trend, I was ready to give it a go. I was still a little nervous, so I decided to take the Internet to see what I could learn before I bought any.

Finding my Dispensary

First of all, the actual stores where you can buy weed are called dispensaries, and they’re popping up all over the country. In Colorado alone there are over 600 dispensaries! It’s really important to know a bit about the dispensaries around you and how the whole process of buying from one works. The dispensaries are marked by green crosses.

You can research different locations using a dispensary finder. A quick Google search should give you tons of hits, and usually include a bit of information about each dispensary, like the forms of payment they accept and what type of marijuana is sold (medical or recreational).

It’s also good to look at the dispensary info to get an idea about how much their prices are and what the purchase limit is for the different marijuana products.

Getting There

After finding my nearest recreational dispensary, I felt confident enough to venture out on my first ever weed buying expedition. The dispensary I chose to visit actually sold both medicinal and recreational weed, so I had to be sure to find the recreational entrance since I don’t have a medical marijuana card. I had to park in a satellite parking lot about a mile away but the dispensary operates a free shuttle service.

Once I got inside, I had to give my ID over to a receptionist behind a window so she could check I was of legal age (21 or over). When my age was confirmed, I was asked to wait in the nice lounge area until the next budtender was available to help me. Budtenders are the employees in the dispensary that assist visitors in choosing and buying their cannabis products.

Shopping with my Budtender

Once I was allowed into the room to browse the weed wares, I was shocked by all the different types of weed and all the shades of green and just surprised by how much I didn’t know anything about weed. It was such a surreal experience!

Since I was definitely a weed newbie, I had no idea about any of the strains or other products or even that there were different types of high. The budtenders were so helpful and friendly! I had tons of questions about the different types of weed products and different strains, and my budtender was very patient with me and answered all of my questions.

He explained that sativa gives a more energized high while indica makes you more sleepy and chill, which is what I thought all pot did anyway. I decided to go with an indica strain to help me relax a little after a stressful week at work, and boy was it nice.

After choosing the strain of weed I wanted, my budtender advised to me to have my joints rolled at the dispensary since I was new to the whole smoking thing. For any extra $10, the budtender taught me how to roll a joint and rolled a few for me to take home and enjoy.

I was really nervous about buying cannabis for the first since it’s always been wrong and bad and illegal. But the whole experience was really great and even kind of exhilarating given the illegal history. It was really exciting walking into the store room and seeing all that green and the fresh smell of all the bud. My budtender was so nice and I was really happy with the weed he helped me choose!

If you’re thinking of visiting a dispensary and feeling a little worried, let me assure you, it’s a great experience! It’s normal to feel a little anxious the first time; I definitely was. But let me remind you, if you’re buying from a dispensary, then it’s all totally legal! Just make sure you take your ID!

If you feel silly because you don’t know much about weed, there’s no need to worry because the budtenders will take great care of you. Everyone that worked at the dispensary from check-in to check out was super friendly and made me feel really comfortable.

Once you’ve been a few times, visiting your local dispensary can be as familiar and easy as buying milk from the store. Just take a breath, chill out, and have fun.

After all, you are buying weed!…