Are Dispensaries Safe? Why I Was Scared at First but Had a Great Experience

If you’re anything like me, then you are extremely intrigued by all the states that are legalizing weed. Since I was a bit of a straight edge growing up, I was never adventurous enough (scared) to try smoking when most of my friends went through their weed phase. But now decriminalizing weed seems to be the popular trend, I was ready to give it a go. I was still a little nervous, so I decided to take the Internet to see what I could learn before I bought any.

Finding my Dispensary

First of all, the actual stores where you can buy weed are called dispensaries, and they’re popping up all over the country. In Colorado alone there are over 600 dispensaries! It’s really important to know a bit about the dispensaries around you and how the whole process of buying from one works. The dispensaries are marked by green crosses.

You can research different locations using a dispensary finder. A quick Google search should give you tons of hits, and usually include a bit of information about each dispensary, like the forms of payment they accept and what type of marijuana is sold (medical or recreational).

It’s also good to look at the dispensary info to get an idea about how much their prices are and what the purchase limit is for the different marijuana products.

Getting There

After finding my nearest recreational dispensary, I felt confident enough to venture out on my first ever weed buying expedition. The dispensary I chose to visit actually sold both medicinal and recreational weed, so I had to be sure to find the recreational entrance since I don’t have a medical marijuana card. I had to park in a satellite parking lot about a mile away but the dispensary operates a free shuttle service.

Once I got inside, I had to give my ID over to a receptionist behind a window so she could check I was of legal age (21 or over). When my age was confirmed, I was asked to wait in the nice lounge area until the next budtender was available to help me. Budtenders are the employees in the dispensary that assist visitors in choosing and buying their cannabis products.

Shopping with my Budtender

Once I was allowed into the room to browse the weed wares, I was shocked by all the different types of weed and all the shades of green and just surprised by how much I didn’t know anything about weed. It was such a surreal experience!

Since I was definitely a weed newbie, I had no idea about any of the strains or other products or even that there were different types of high. The budtenders were so helpful and friendly! I had tons of questions about the different types of weed products and different strains, and my budtender was very patient with me and answered all of my questions.

He explained that sativa gives a more energized high while indica makes you more sleepy and chill, which is what I thought all pot did anyway. I decided to go with an indica strain to help me relax a little after a stressful week at work, and boy was it nice.

After choosing the strain of weed I wanted, my budtender advised to me to have my joints rolled at the dispensary since I was new to the whole smoking thing. For any extra $10, the budtender taught me how to roll a joint and rolled a few for me to take home and enjoy.

I was really nervous about buying cannabis for the first since it’s always been wrong and bad and illegal. But the whole experience was really great and even kind of exhilarating given the illegal history. It was really exciting walking into the store room and seeing all that green and the fresh smell of all the bud. My budtender was so nice and I was really happy with the weed he helped me choose!

If you’re thinking of visiting a dispensary and feeling a little worried, let me assure you, it’s a great experience! It’s normal to feel a little anxious the first time; I definitely was. But let me remind you, if you’re buying from a dispensary, then it’s all totally legal! Just make sure you take your ID!

If you feel silly because you don’t know much about weed, there’s no need to worry because the budtenders will take great care of you. Everyone that worked at the dispensary from check-in to check out was super friendly and made me feel really comfortable.

Once you’ve been a few times, visiting your local dispensary can be as familiar and easy as buying milk from the store. Just take a breath, chill out, and have fun.

After all, you are buying weed!…

Treat Your Kids’ Teeth with Kids Dental Care

Kids may never realize how important caring their tooth is. They tend to eat everything they like without considering food they should eat and ones they should not eat. Later, if they eat too much candies or chocolate, they get toothache that they cry for. Therefore, parents should accompany and advise their kids about Kids dental care. So, kids can start to consider which food they may take and which one they should not take.

Kids Dental Care

Dental Care for Babies

Kids’ start to have their first teeth before they are one year old. Thus, Children dental care can be started from kids’ first birthday. Ask your kids to see a dentist by their birth day. It can be a preventive step that you can ensure that your kids will have good teeth. Moreover, the cost for Children dental care is much cheaper than for toddlers over 5 years old; it is about 40% lower. Besides seeing the dentist, you can also teach your kids some good daily habits relating to dental health. For instance, you can start by brushing their gums when their teeth have not grown. A soft washcloth and a baby toothbrush will be much helpful.

As the teeth are appearing, you can teach them to learn brushing their teeth with fluoridated toothpaste and toothbrush for infant. Do it twice a day. You can also learn the schedule and technique from the dentist. If your kids have brushed their teeth before bedtime, ask them not to eat any food or drink anything except water. If it is necessary, adding mouthwash can be a useful part of Children dental care.

Choosing Toothbrush for Kids

Toothbrush is an essential part of dental caring tips for kids. As it has been mentioned previously, toothbrush for kids will be much different to the adults’. Therefore, we should be very careful in picking toothbrush for kids. For kids whose teeth have been popped out, pick a soft toothbrush with small head and large handle. Use merely a toothbrush before your kids are 3 years old. When they are getting 3 years old, you can add pea-sized fluoride toothpaste. Use it to brush the whole part of your kids’ teeth; back and front. As they grow older, they can brush their teeth themselves. It is usually when they are 6 years old.

Treatment for Teething

Babies will have a period when their teeth are starting growing. It is known as “teething”. This period is very uncomfortable for babies that make them cry and fuss. There are also some teething symptoms include: swollen gums, drooling, and higher temperature. There are some Children dental cares you can do to relieve your kids’ teething pain. You can have teething rings. It can be teething ring or you can replace it with washcloth. Make sure that they are cool. Let your babies chew it.

You can also do gum rubbing as dental caring tips for kids. Use your clean finger to rub their gums. Adding a topical pain reliever can be a good solution as well. The pain reliever should not contain benzocaine because it can threaten baby’s life. Instead, you can give Tylenol or acetaminophen for your baby. You should avoid aspirin because it is linked with Reye’s syndrome; a serious health condition which is rarely found. Ask a pediatrician for more help.

Cavities become serious problems for baby. It can endanger baby’s teeth. However, it can be prevented by filling the baby’s bottle only with water, breast milk, or formula. Sugary drinks like soda and fruit juices. The sweet drink can settle on the babies’ teeth that lead to “baby bottle tooth decay”. Later, the bacteria can produce acid that attacks your baby’s teeth. Be wise in giving drinks for your kids for Kids dental care.…

Various Urgent Cares for Kids: First Aid for Kids

Rather than adults, kids are prone to get some diseases such as cold, fever, or allergy. Kids’ body and immune system have not been well-developed. Therefore, many viruses, bacteria, and symptom of disease can easily affect kids. For instance, kids sometimes can get itchy rashes, stomach aches, runny noses, and others. Sometimes, kids can relieve from those ailments soon. On the other hand, those ailments can lead to more serious diseases. If one of these cases happens in your circumstance, you should be able to take urgent care for kids.

Urgent Care for Fever

Barton Schmitt, MD, a pediatrician from Children’s Hospital in Aurora, argues that every parent should call the doctor as soon as their kids look weak. Their kids will get a proper treatment such as ER soon. Thus, kids will be safe. Here are some symptoms that should get important care for kids as soon as possible. The first is kids who are older than one year old and get high fever. Parent should give kids who get a fever with 100.4 F, give ibuprofen or acetaminophen to relieve the fever. If the condition is not getting better, the parents should call the doctor immediately.

Let’s learn more about fever to decide the best necessary care for kids. Fever can be caused by several conditions such as heat stroke, illicit drugs and medications side effect, and stroke. Hypothalamus, a part of human’s brain that controls the body temperature; reset the temperature of body to the higher temperature. The other causes are common infections like gastroenteritis and colds. Those symptoms include infection in kidney, throat, skin, ear, bladder, and lung; inflammation, drug side effect, vaccines and cancer.

The symptoms include fussiness, lethargy, sore throat, poor appetite, ear pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and cough. If the fever is worse, it can lead to hyperthermia. It is a serious condition when the body cannot control the body temperature. Call the doctor as important care for kids if kids look very sick, very fussy, and drowsy. If the immune system is weakened or kids have some medical problem, call the doctor soon. Seizure, stiff neck and rash are signs to call the doctor soon.

Urgent Care for Headache

Kids can also get headache easier than adults because of the weather, weak immune system, or food. However, parents should be able to differentiate minor headache and major headache. Kids can relieve from minor headache soon as they take the pain relievers and rest well. On contrary, kids can get major headache if the pain stays for hours and it can be awful. The kids cannot enjoy eating, playing, or watching television. If the first aid cannot work, calling pediatrician can be a helpful necessary care for kids.

Urgent Care for Allergy

Allergy and kids seem close. Kids may have allergies to food, animal, or certain conditions like cold or heat. The symptoms of allergies are difficult wheezing or breathing, tight throats, speaking trouble or hoarseness, swollen throat, tongue, and lips, vomiting, pain in abdomen, nausea, fast heart pulls, dizziness, anxiety, unconsciousness, and severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis. As the important care for kids, always prepare epinephrine injection kits as the first aid.

Allergy is also divided into some different rate. If your kids have mild allergy symptoms like hives and hay fever, you can give an over-the-counter or OTC antihistamine. OTC decongestant can be helpful to relieve stuffy nose. OTC allergy eye drops can overcome watery and itchy eyes. If your kids get rash with itchy allergic senses, give them cold compresses. Add an OTC hydrocortisone cream to cure the pain. If the symptoms are worsening, call the doctor as urgent care for kids.…

About The Facts of Illinois Child Care

Illinois child care has become the most foremost program in which this kind of program becomes the issue of budget battle between Bruce Rauner and the democrats legislative. Illinois child care is a kind of program that was firstly administrated by the Department of Human Service. The Department of Human Service can provide the child days care that is subsidized to get the low income for especially working families. Rauner, in July used the administration of emergency rule in order to make the power narrowing the requirements eligibility in which it can reduce about the maximum of income standard as about 185 % from the federal poverty that has the level to 50%. As the information of the Illinois child care, it will be explained further to you in this article.

what it is a illinois child care?

About Illinois child care

As the result of this Illinois child care, it can be seen that family with exceeding income of 50 % from the current of federal with the level of poverty about $ 7.968 for a year for a family with two and also $ 10.056 for a family with three in which they are not eligible again for getting the child care. As in 2015, the level of federal poverty for a family with three is about $ 20.090 and in 2014; the medial of Illinois income is about $ 57. 444.

The amended of eligibility for rule of 162 % for the level of poverty level for a family for three can make about $ 32.545 for the quality of income. Besides of the Rauner revision, the house of Illinois will vote for the bill in order to restore for the eligibility of the requirements.

Illinois child care income eligibility

For the income of child care eligibility, in Nov 2015, Rauner and the Assembly of General for Voice for the Illinois children of about 10 of organization that get the effect of restriction of eligibility income. Besides, according to the National Women’s law Center in which it was posted in October, it was found that the publishing report that is compared to the change of the state of child care assistance program happening in between February 2014 and February 2015.

And for the result, it can be found that Illinois child care in one of the 16 states in which the income of low family is categorized as worse off every year that means that there is the less of access for the assistance benefits from the assistance of the report found. And after the eligibility of the income has been implemented, it has the effect in which Illinois child care has become the worst state among the state in the nation for accessing the quality of the affordable of childcare as according to Emily Miller the director of research and policy in the voices for Illinois child care.

Besides, the government also has put the Illinois at the last place for supporting of the family for working. As Miller said that at the end of the September in 2015, the Illinois has been turned away for about 15.000 children as the research based on the historic of data in which Illinois child care becomes the support for the working families.

The lawmaker of Illinois child care is also expected for voting the senate bill of 570 in which it can overturn for the change of the eligibility level and the Rauner administration has opposed the legislation and saying that there will be about $ 220 million of cost for the remainder for the fiscal year in 2016 as about $ 800 million.…

The Information about Fifth Disease in Baby for the Parent

Tips fifth disease in baby

The parent should know about the fifth disease in baby. The parent should find the information about the symptoms and also about the treatment. If you have a baby or child, you need to make sure about the condition of your child. If there is the bad thing happen to you child, you should make the correct way to stop the condition. This disease is the common disease that may happen to the children when there is the cold season or in the change of the summer. It is also can happen because of allergy.

For the new mom, you may still do not know about this disease. You need to learn about this disease. This disease related to the infection by the parvovirus B19. The other virus that can be caused of this disease is the erythematic infectious. They have different mane in the different county. In US this disease usually called by slapped cheek syndrome. You should know about the best way to stop the infection on your child. It is actually only the mild disease but it can make your child feel suffering.

This disease is usually happen during the spring. In the dry season the dust will be easy to make the children get allergy. In this disease, you should consider about the disease on and you need to m

ake protection for your child when the condition of the season can damage your child health. There is the rash that may happen to your child but the parent usually do not aware about this allergy. It can be the indication that your child gets this disease.

There are some symptoms that you need to know about this disease. There are cold, headache, sore throat, swelling, and low-grade fever that may happen to your child that can be the symptoms. You should consider about this disease and you can find the best remedies. It can make your child feel bad and crying over night if you do not get the best treatment. The other symptom is about the rash. The rash can happen on the cheek and it can spread to the other part of the body such as the buttock, chest, legs, and the other parts.

The Transmitted of disease

This disease can be transmitted through the mucus, sputum, and saliva. It can spread or transmitted easily so you need to make the prevention when you find the people of the children with this disease. The baby or the child may feel bad and get the cough and it can make them look so pitiful. You should make your children get the good system immune with the good food or supplement. The prevention is the good thing before you find your baby get this disease.

The prevention for this disease

You can make the best prevention for fifth disease in child. There are some ways that you can do when you want to protect your child from this disease are washing the hand of your child frequently, avoiding the contact of mouth, nose, and eyes. You also can give masker when the child need to go out form the home, and you should give enough time for your child to get best rest. It can be the good thing for you who want to keep the child from this disease. It will make your children get the best prevention. When you find the rash on the body, you should find the best treatment with the cream or you can put the powder that is usually use to stop the rash.

How Is The Fifth Disease Treated?

Fifth disease in baby can treat your child when the immune still weak. It has the similar way to treat the baby like the common allergy. You need to give the good medicine that will help your children be healthy. There are some reliever that you can choose such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and idyll. You should give the reliever in the correct dosage. If you find the disease not stop in three days, you need to bring your child to the…